Learn through Discovery!


General Program Philosophy

Our Teacher-Child ratios are kept lower than Social Service’s standards so teachers can give children the individualized attention that they deserve. We strongly believe that children learn through play and incorporate childcare standards into fun and meaningful activities.  We foster, promote and schedule tumble time daily because we believe that developing children need opportunities to develop their bodies and their coordination.  Physiological readiness precedes other learning modalities. Hence, when there is a good balance between vigorous play and quieter activities, children are generally more relaxed and ready to benefit from their school experience.  Kingston Academy tumbling and sports equipment provides a world of real and imaginary challenges. Exciting things happen at Kingston Academy: children make music, move, and interact in order to learn, discover, and gain self- love and a sense of identity.  We promote learning environments that build confidence while building young muscles and encouraging self-expression.

Our Facility

Our 7,300 square foot State of the Art facility is on a full acre. Our half-acre play area features plenty of lawn, shade trees, long cement paths for tricycle riding, and a large sandbox all to promote physical development.
Our spacious classrooms and computer LAB room for School Age students encourages students to thrive and achieve. 
With our morning and afternoon snacks we serve healthy options and on Fridays we cater lunch for our students. Cleanliness is very important to us. Our nap pads are thick and comfortable and are disinfected daily.

Early Childhood Learning Standards:

Exploring with the senses, Coordination and Balance, Depth Perception and Balance, Self-concept, Independent Exploration, Relating to other children, Becoming aware of own abilities through sitting, crawling walking, standing, climbing, pulling, and pushing.

Kingston Academy is committed to school readiness and overall child development. We follow the California Childcare domains for:

  • Cognition & General Knowledge
  • Physical Development & Health
  • Language & Social/Emotional Development
  • Creative Experiences/Expression
  • Personal & Social/Emotional Development

We believe in the following Guiding Principals:

  • Children's learning can be clarified, enriched, and extended.
  • Development & learning are interrelated
  • Children are active learners
  • Family involvement is necessary
  • Growth and learning are sequential
  • each child is an individual learner
  • Development & learning are embedded in culture